Neowine.Club is a private Club where Members can shop exceptional wines and enjoy the lifestyle around it: Experiences, Travels, Events. Our worldwide community of 200 Members only share passion for the world finest wines and the good life.


Neowine.Club develops partnerships with the most exclusive vineyards across the globe, and offers ultimate wine lifestyle experiences for Members, as well as the full benefits of a 24/7 online conciergerie, arranging personalized travels and services.


Neowine.Club is a travel services agency focussed on luxury wine tours in the most exceptional vineyards. Established in Hong Kong since 2011, our unique travel proposition is to grant you an access to closed doors estates, dining with the owners and winemakers onsite, while pairing the wine with the greatest gastronomy.

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“Neo is an international private Club enabling its Members to develop their passion for wine at a truly global scale. It’s not about the wine itself, but the entire lifestyle surrounding it.”

Julien Angevin


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Neo Wine Destination Ltd (London) is registered with Company number 10472527 under the Registrar of Companies for England and Wales.